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Why Realaml?

Discover over 20 compelling reasons why Realaml is the ultimate solution for accurately verifying your remote customers and effectively detecting identity impersonation.

Avoid failed verifications by accepting diacritical marks in names

Detect diacritical marks and convert them into Latin characters more precisely than other OCR solutions for a hassle-free identification process.

Allow glasses, hats & more for facial recognition

Our technology allows you can verify customers wearing hats, scarves, glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. It also works with changes in their appearance, like makeup or facial hair.

Prevent AML non-compliance with cutting edge anti-fraud tools

Protect your firm against AML breaches and reputational risk by detecting detect tampered, printed, and fake identity documents and more to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Streamline onboarding of customers by eliminating slow paper-based processes

Effortlessly verify customers across 200+ countries: access hundreds of databases to instantly verify identity documents.

Reduce onboarding time and keep your customers engaged

Employing real-time identity scanning, lighting-fast OCR, address auto-complete, and passive liveness checks enables firms to onboard customers remotely in under 60 seconds.

Eliminate monthly minimums, subscriptions, and long-term contracts

Our pay-per-use pricing model will save your firm thousands each month, with clear and transparent billing for verifications, and no hidden fees or charges.

Say goodbye to joining, support, training and integration costs

Enjoy annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars with free onboarding, API/iFrame/SDK integrations, dedicated support, and unlimited training.

Retrieve AML verification data with ease - no back-and-forth needed

Take full control of your data and access it anytime, anywhere - no providers holding your data captive. Download comprehensive verification reports with ease, as you retain ownership of your data.

Reduce failed verifications and improve efficiency

Maximise efficiency with over 93% of customers verified on the first attempt - minimise manual intervention and repeated verification requests.

Avoid overpriced and outdated biometric tools from resellers

Gain direct access to cutting-edge biometric and anti-fraud tools from the technology maker - customise workflows to fit your customers' needs and save tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

Collect 1 or 2 forms of ID as part of the FaceMatch process

Secure flexibility at no extra cost - gather one or two IDs effortlessly. Real estate lawyers, obligated to collect two IDs, benefit from our streamlined solution, and adhere to transaction requirements seamlessly.

No charge for reminders to complete verifications

Eliminate the need to manually remind customers to complete verifications with our free automated reminders sent 24 and 72 hours after the initial verification.

Prevent failed verifications due to changes in a customer’s appearance

Match your customers' current appearance with ID photos from 20+ years ago - avoid inaccurate solutions from other vendors.

Avoid asking customers to smile, blink or turn their heads for liveness checks

Enable easy and passive liveness checks for your customers - no need to smile, blink, or turn their heads. Simply take a single-frame photo to verify their identity.

Reduce false flags for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and streamline your review process

Efficiently screen PEPs with our AI technology, which utilises thousands of sanctions lists worldwide to identify relevant matches and eliminate false positives.

Prevent automatic expiry of verification links and avoid charges for their resending

Never worry about expired verification links again. Control when links expire, eliminating the need for manual resending and avoiding any additional charges for incomplete verifications.

Prevent automatic deletion of data and ensure data downloadability

Securely store completed verifications for as long as you need to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, without having to worry about the responsibility of storing sensitive information.

Enable omni-channel verifications to onboard more customers

Allow switching between desktop and mobile devices without starting the verification process again. Other providers limit onboarding to a single device, which may turn away potential customers.

Add your firm’s branding to verifications to prevent customer pushback

Improve verification completion rates and enhance customer relationships by displaying your company's logo and branding on all outbound communications.

Prevent data breaches with a secure KYC/AML platform

Secure data with limited password attempts, PII exclusion in emails, regular password updates, unusual login notifications, 2FA, and auto-deletion options.

Ready to get started?

With real-time ID scanning, lightning-fast OCR, data verification, and passive liveness checks, you can remotely onboard customers in less than 60 seconds.

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