High global coverage of senior Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), their relatives, close associates, and the companies they are linked to; national and international government sanction lists; and persons officially linked to, or convicted of, high profile crimes or terrorism.

PEPs and their Relatives and Close Associates

Detailed profiles of senior PEPs, their relatives, close associates, and companies they are linked to, from every country in the world.

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Sanctions and Official Lists

Global sanctions, regulatory enforcement, law enforcement, and other official lists, including those issued by the UN and major government departments worldwide.

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Persons and Entities of Special Interest

High profile people not on an official list but reported in publicly available sources as being accused of or convicted of serious crimes, including financial crime, organised crime, terrorism, narcotics crime, and other crimes.Run a free PEPCheck
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Global PEP Profiles
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Check new and existing customers against global (PEP) lists

Section 26 of New Zealand’s AML Act 2009 states – The reporting entity must, as soon as practicable after establishing a business relationship or conducting an occasional transaction or activity, take reasonable steps to determine whether the customer or any beneficial owner is a politically exposed person.

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