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We provide a combination of contract-free pay-per-check, and discounted volume based monthly plans. All plans come with a zero-obligation 14-day free trial. Run compliant identity, biometric, and PEP checks in-person or remote in NZ and 11 countries in under 10 seconds. All prices shown are in NZD and exclude GST (unless otherwise stated). 
QuickID Int (Standard) - Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and United States of America.
QuickID Int (Premium) - Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I'm not interested after my first free check?

Global Identity, PEP & Biometric Verification. Expand your digital reach. Slash onboarding times. Acquire more happy customers. Increase compliance..

How do I know RealAML is compliant?

RealAML operates as an Agent under Section 34 of NZ’s AML Act of 2009. QuickID falls under Part 3 of the IVCOP and meets the criteria for a compliant EIV check. 

Do I still need to collect or sight my customer's identity documents?

No, an EIV check replaces the need to collect or sight your customer’s identity documents. This has been confirmed directly from the DIA.

Can I just use PEPCheck?

Yes, you have full flexibility on what RealAML products you choose to use.

Are you sure I can run a QuickID check without their driver licence or passport?

Yes, an EIV check only requires verification of your customer’s name, date of birth, and address. This has been confirmed directed from the DIA.

Can I still manually verify my customer's identity face-to-face?

Yes, you can still verify your customer’s identity face to face. However, you will also be required to run a PEP check on your customer.

Which countries does QuickID cover?

Using QuickID you can run identify your customers in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, and the United States of America. 

How long is my trial account valid for?

Your trial account does not expire, nor does your free ID check. 

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