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Verify remote customers
& prevent fraud

Realaml empowers businesses to trust that the individuals they engage with are indeed who they claim to be.

The world’s most trusted and accurate customer onboarding technology.

In 2018, it became evident that global biometric providers were failing to effectively detect fraudulent customer onboarding. Consequently, Realaml took the initiative to develop a revolutionary form of know your customer (KYC) technology. Our solution integrates state-of-the-art biometrics with powerful anti-fraud tools, setting a new standard in the industry. Realaml proudly stands as the sole provider of certified NZ-coded customer onboarding technology.

Through our advanced and versatile platform, businesses can access a comprehensive suite of tools for verification across various channels, including hosted, embedded, and mobile verification flows. Our solution offers a cost-effective and effortless means to verify new customers while simultaneously preventing fraud and enhancing compliance.

Our Co-founders

Jordan McCown, CEO Avatar

Jordan McCown, CEO

The passion Jordan has for solving unsolved problems shines through in everything he does. Following a successful career in the financial markets, he ventured into the world of tech start-ups. Jordan now leads a team of skilled developers and AML analysts focused on becoming the category king in customer onboarding.

Gowtham Selvaraj, CTO Avatar

Gowtham Selvaraj, CTO

Gowtham is an exceptional full-stack developer and part-time drone pilot. Gowtham leads our international team of software engineers, architects, and security analysts from Christchurch, New Zealand. He's your behind-the-scenes hero (without a cape) building world-first anti-fraud features to keep your firm compliant.

The best system for verifying clients for AML that I've come across. It's simple to use, quick and takes away of the stress of getting it wrong.

- Kathy E., Realtor

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With real-time ID scanning, lightning-fast OCR, data verification, and passive liveness checks, you can remotely onboard customers in less than 30 seconds.

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