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Outsourced AML

On behalf of your clients and their ownership structures, we diligently perform customer and enhanced due diligence (CDD & EDD) in accordance with Section 34 of New Zealand's Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2009.



We collect the necessary individual and ownership information meticulously and promptly through tailored phone conversations, emails, and text messages.



As experts in our field, we understand that you are also an expert in your own business. Therefore, concentrate on expanding your business while entrusting your time-consuming AML checks to our proficient team of AML analysts.



Obtain a comprehensive PDF report encompassing all essential information, which may consist of the trust deed, source of wealth or funds, and Face IDVs for all necessary individuals.


Verified Individuals


Verified NZ Entities

4 Days

Average Completion Time

Prioritise your core business activities and
delegate your AML checks to our analysts.

Utilising our in-house system, we promptly identify the directors and ultimate beneficial owners associated with your client’s ownership structures. By entrusting a professional third-party to collect your customer's trust deed and sensitive information, such as their source of wealth or funds, the process becomes less intrusive and more efficient. Outsourcing these tasks not only enhances compliance but also alleviates your AML responsibilities.

Ready to get started?

With real-time ID scanning, lightning-fast OCR, data verification, and passive liveness checks, you can remotely onboard customers in less than 30 seconds.

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